EPEC: Championship challenges, top endurance racing teams

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    Ten rounds, seven circuits, 6 and 24 hour races

    No other series comes close!

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    Camaraderie, excitement and fun

    Test yourself to the finishing line

    Push yourself to the limit

    Most of all - enjoy yourself!

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    The ultimate challenge of man and machine

    Sign up today - call 01642 231117

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European Prokart Endurance Championship

Now in the seventh year, the European Prokart Endurance Championship offers the most competitive endurance racing in the country. Visiting top circuits nationwide, teams from across the UK race wheel-to-wheel in 6 and 24 hour long endurance races.

These endurance events are both a test of man and machinery, racing lap after lap where tenths of seconds are often all that stand between drivers and a place on the podium. To win, teams have to battle and manage the challenges of constant overtaking, fuel stops, tyre changes and the occasional mechanical mishap.

This type of racing has evolved into a series of long distance sprints, which is what makes it so exciting and physically demanding. Whatever your level, whether you're a clubman experiencing endurance racing for the first time; or a hardened professional representing a works team; there's room on the grid for all.

The rules and regulations have been refined over a number of years, and 2016 is no exception. It means that teams are racing on a level playing field and affords competitors a degree of cost-effective racing.

Booking is available through the Teesside Karting Office on 01642231117 or via email at admin@teessidekarting.co.uk

2016 EPEC Dates

Please note that these dates are provisional. You will be notified accordingly of any changes as soon as possible.

  • R1 (6hrs): 13th March at Fulbeck
  • R2 (6hrs): 3rd April at Teesside Karting
  • R3 (24hr):29th April - 1st May at IOM 
  • R4 (6hrs): 30th May at PFI
  • R5 (6hrs): 25th June at Rowrah (Saturday)
  • R6 (6hrs): 10th July at Ellough Park
  • R7 (24hr):12th - 14th August at Teesside Karting 
  • R8 (6hrs): 17th September at Clay Pigeon (Saturday)
  • R9 (6hrs): 9th October at Llandow
  • R10(6hrs):6th November at Teesside Karting

Please note:The Sunday races will consist of a one-hour practice which includes 15 minutes qualifying. On two occasions EPEC will be held on a Saturday this was unavoidable - Friday practice is by personal arrangement with the circuit.

Call 01642 231117 for more information